Apps that are almost cool…

So, had a bit of a technical snafu the other day. I decided to try teaching a class online. Several other teachers for our CoOp had started doing so using Zoom. Now, I have nothing against Zoom, but I have been using ClassCraft and Google Classroom all year to manage my lectures, assignments, etc. That meant the entire class already had GMail accounts setup and has been using them to submit work. So, thought I, “why introduce something else into the mix? Let’s just use Google Hangouts.”

Of course, I knew better, but a quick search showed a limit of 150 participants for Google Hangouts and during these times, everyone who does collaboration software has been dropping prices, removing restrictions, etc. so people can still visit one another.

Sadly, it turns out Google puts a limit of 10 participants for Video Hangouts and little did I know their response to this nationwide quarantine would be “meh…”

So in a couple of days we’ll try it again, this time using Zoom and once again, I remind myself of the Google motto “…we build apps that are almost cool…”

Writen by Robert