For the last decade and a half, I have been lucky enough to be excessively involved with my family. As the boys continue to grow, I have had and still have the privilege of leading them in Scouts, coaching them in Little League and teaching them at home. If I continue to have a generous employer I hope to continue doing so for as long as they still think dad is “cool.”

Homeschooling started as a response to constantly “advocating” for my own children. Doing what I could to make sure my kids got the best we (and the public schools) could provide for them. Eventually, I realized this “advocacy” was work than just taking care of it myself. Why should I spend the entire year working with over a dozen different people to make sure my children’s education was progressing? It became increasingly obvious I should either abandon myself to the system and let my kids roll through the system, I should take full control. Obviously, I opted for the later and only regret not reaching this conclusion earlier.