Okay, really…?

I try not to rant too often, I generally don’t see the point. But some things come up often enough you start to feel obligated to reply. For those who can’t seem to figure it out on their own, yes, the Corona Virus scare and public limitations affect homeschoolers also. Seriously, just look at our Facebook feeds! Our kids almost certainly get out of the house more than yours!

I feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes talking to Watson. You “see” and yet you do not “observe.” Scroll back on almost any homeschool parent’s Facebook page. On Wednesday we have gymnastics at a local gym and Intermediate and Concert Band at a church down the road. On Thursday we have our CoOp meeting where each student engages in four different academic classes. The CoOp meets at another Church. On Fridays, we meet with another group for some free/social time at different parks in the area. Twice a month (or more) we have field trips to theater shows, nature preserves and museums. Basketball is twice a week at the YMCA. Choir and Drama spend all semester preparing for shows and they have fund raiser events to pay for props and the like. All of these places are closed or have restricted access.

The homeshcool shut-in is a tiresome tripe. If you feel the need to comment on homeschooling, consider paying attention a little. Many of these people are friends of yours. Make Sherlock Holmes proud and start “observing” just a little. You might even learn something to help yourself through these times.